Nokia 5800 new firmware update to v30

There is a new release of the firmware version of the famous touch screen model from nokia.

I had done the update via FOTA. ie, Firmware update Over The Air. The update file seems to be a very smaller one, may be about 4.5 MB and it took me less than 10 minutes to finish the update. I used my home Wifi connection.

Changes after the update. (details which are confirmed from my end.)

courtesy: Techenclave

Impressions of V30.0.0.11
1. The Music quality has improved.
The distortion levels have come down drastically.
The high frequency sensitivity has increased greatly.
Low frequency is tighter (muffling is reduced)
Stero crosstalk reduced greatly.
My advice: never use Loudness/stereo widening.
2.Overall responsiveness is great.
Browsing menu and lists
really responsive touch screen.
4.Keypad/home screen menu icons color changed
5.Battery life is not tested Will update after testing
6. Camera quality increased by leaps and bounds

No other changes could be seen at the cosmetic side. But the phone seems to be a little more snappier.

The sensor rotation is still erratic and I had it turned off still 🙂

I had noticed that there had been a bug with the battery charge left when you go to the music player. Earlier the bar will go down by one when the music player comes to the screen. Now this seems to be fixed.

That’s all folks for now.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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