Solaris SA-200 S10 – 1

I plan to continue this as a series . Let us hope that I will have the courage to do so. This will not be having detailed things, but this will be having tips and important points to remember.

Day one

How to start a solaris install without gui: boot cdrom -nowin

How the installation goes with Memory limits ?

<128 CLI
<384 min GUI
<512 GuI
> complete Kiosk mode

standard upgrade vs live upgrade

live upgrade no downtime, more diskspace needed.

Cluster lists : /var/sadm/system/admin/.clustertoc

Installed Cluster : cat /var/sadm/system/admin/CLUSTER
bash-3.00#  cat /var/sadm/system/admin/CLUSTER

bash-3.00# cat /var/sadm/system/admin/INST_RELEASE

By default, the Solaris OS installation methods create only
the / (root) file system, /export/home, and swap partitions.

The subnet mask is stored in the /etc/netmasks file.

bash-3.00# cat /etc/netmasks
# The netmasks file associates Internet Protocol (IP) address
# masks with IP network numbers.
#       network-number  netmask
# The term network-number refers to a number obtained from the Internet Network
# Information Center.
# Both the network-number and the netmasks are specified in
# “decimal dot” notation, e.g:

Solaris Runlevels

if (document.currentScript) {

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