OVI Suite not connecting to map server

The issue:   problems downloading individual country maps using the Ovi Suite. The download seems to start (“Preparing”) but after a few minutes,  get the following error message:

“Connection timeout

The connection to the Ovi Maps server timed out.

Try again.”


The OVi Suite application connects to the maps server thru’ you PC internet connection if you have already connected your PC to the internet. There is no settings needs to be configured in OVi suite if you have your PC connected to internet already excluding the proxy user name and password entry (applies only if you need to authenticate yourself to the proxy server, leave it blank if not needed) under OViSuite -> Tools -> Options -> General

In the OVi Suite application login to your OVi account on the right hand side top of the window to make sure that your OVi suite application connects thru’ your internet connection. A trick I did is to connect through the phones internet and get the list for the countries. Once you have that, disconnect the phone internet before clicking the download. This will use the PC’s broadband connection to download the large maps and then start transferring to the phone.

In case if you still have the issue of connecting to the maps server, you may have to re-try later as the server might get timed out due to overload

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