Xperia update is out

The new 2.1 android update for xperia is available and I have updated it. Hd recording is one big plus I have discovered yet. The rest is also good. Expecting a big boost to battery life. Also the response seems to be good. The keyboard has undergone a good change. More responsive and user friendly.

How to stop the idea mobile spam calling and sms

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Okay, Many of you might have been irritated by the advertising call from mobile operators. Thinking that it might be an important call , we will pick up just to know that it is the CALL again.

One simple thing to do is store all those spamming numbers on the mobile with something recognizable and then reject the call as it comes in or simple enough to remember those numbers if you are a memory expert.

Otherwise you can sign up for the DO NOT DISTURB. This is available for all operators and not only IDEA.

For unsubscribing on IDEA cellular , go to the URL here

It is just simple enough to follow. Peace be upon You.}

OVI Suite not connecting to map server

The issue:   problems downloading individual country maps using the Ovi Suite. The download seems to start (“Preparing”) but after a few minutes,  get the following error message:

“Connection timeout

The connection to the Ovi Maps server timed out.

Try again.”


The OVi Suite application connects to the maps server thru’ you PC internet connection if you have already connected your PC to the internet. There is no settings needs to be configured in OVi suite if you have your PC connected to internet already excluding the proxy user name and password entry (applies only if you need to authenticate yourself to the proxy server, leave it blank if not needed) under OViSuite -> Tools -> Options -> General

In the OVi Suite application login to your OVi account on the right hand side top of the window to make sure that your OVi suite application connects thru’ your internet connection. A trick I did is to connect through the phones internet and get the list for the countries. Once you have that, disconnect the phone internet before clicking the download. This will use the PC’s broadband connection to download the large maps and then start transferring to the phone.

In case if you still have the issue of connecting to the maps server, you may have to re-try later as the server might get timed out due to overload

How to get offline google maps on Nokia 5800

Now . here comes my update after having the mgmaps installed on my nokia 5800.

Here is a tutorial to look into first, if you have not seen that. The curious thing is that I had to go through my own post to see how to do the maps.

I had the jar file installed and I generated the chennai maps once again from scratch with the same steps in the tutorial. This is just to see whether there is any trouble with the generation of the maps as some people  had mentioned.

The offline mgmaps is working flawlessly. I am using the latest beta version.

I am yet to test with the GPS and other settings.


Okay. What the heck is SIS first! Let me brief on that here

SIS is the type of file which can be used to install software on a symbian series 60 (S60) OS. This OS is predominantly found in all of the nokia phones. This can be compared to the exe file that we use on a windows machine.

So you got an idea on SIS file. Now what is SISx file.

This is where the use of certificates come to play. The phones usually allows a defined set of softwares signed with some cert to be installed on it. This way , it tries to protect the phone from malicious software which may get installed and try to access the resources on the phone.  So it is best to get softwares that are certified by a known certificate provider.

Softwares can be also self-signed. ie, you can sign a software using your own certificate.

Now, how do we know whether a software is signed or not?. This is where that “X” comes to play. The SISX file is the sis file which is signed. So theoretically you need not sign the software using a certificate for installation on your phone.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

Nokia 5800 new firmware update to v30

There is a new release of the firmware version of the famous touch screen model from nokia.

I had done the update via FOTA. ie, Firmware update Over The Air. The update file seems to be a very smaller one, may be about 4.5 MB and it took me less than 10 minutes to finish the update. I used my home Wifi connection.

Changes after the update. (details which are confirmed from my end.)

courtesy: Techenclave

Impressions of V30.0.0.11
1. The Music quality has improved.
The distortion levels have come down drastically.
The high frequency sensitivity has increased greatly.
Low frequency is tighter (muffling is reduced)
Stero crosstalk reduced greatly.
My advice: never use Loudness/stereo widening.
2.Overall responsiveness is great.
Browsing menu and lists
really responsive touch screen.
4.Keypad/home screen menu icons color changed
5.Battery life is not tested Will update after testing
6. Camera quality increased by leaps and bounds

No other changes could be seen at the cosmetic side. But the phone seems to be a little more snappier.

The sensor rotation is still erratic and I had it turned off still 🙂

I had noticed that there had been a bug with the battery charge left when you go to the music player. Earlier the bar will go down by one when the music player comes to the screen. Now this seems to be fixed.

That’s all folks for now.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

Music quality on nokia 5800 e xpress music

I had a SE phone (W810i) before my 5800. SQ of my w810i (especially in
the bass side) beats the nokia 5800 all the way down to hell.

The stock headphones of 5800 is crap and so I had to buy one inear for my 5800. I brought an ep-630 yesterday.

With the stock headphones, I had to put the volume all the way up 100%,
to hear anything while I am on the road. Now, after I snugly fit the
ep-630, I can hear very loud and clear the sound with just 30%-40%
volume level. If I increase it beyond that, it’s becoming loud enough
to piss me off .

But to say, the ep-630 is having a very boomy bass with my 5800. I dont
know whether this is my trouble or not. I have loaded the same favorite
songs that I used to listen on my w810i and the bass is not that
distinct in my 5800. W810i is way better. This is from my own
experience and not a copy-paste

Overall, quality perception changes with time. I remember the days when
I used to watch videos on VCR and listen with awe, when someone
described their experience with a movie on a CD. Now, we have come a
long way and even Blue-ray discs and HD videos seeems to be not good

Watch HQ videos on 5800 – Convertion details

You can convert easily with Mediacoder. Subtitle is auto detected and added if both the SRT and AVI files are in the same folder, with the same name. It has customized preset functionality also.

Download it here :

XML preset settings for media coder. Just paste this into a file with XML extention. eg 5800.xml
Video bitrate : 800 ( you can try 900 or greater for better quality. )
Format: MPEG4
Container: MP4

For the best resolution and cropping,check the source’s resolution. For example, if the video resolution 624×352 which is smaller than 5800XM’s screen (640×360),then don’t resize it to 640×360. So if you want the best quality for your viewing, check the source video details first, before doing cropping or resizing.

For the audio, choose the bitrate of 128. If the audio bitrate is higher than what you have for the source, it can cause lags in the audio while playing on the mobile. So always choose a bitrate lesser than what you have in the source file.

I am giving here a list of 5800 compatible convertors which I have used and found to be working.
Settings to convert :select IPOD in devices and in presets use the “IPOD TOUCH HIGH QUALITY (MPEG 30 FRAMES PER SECOND 640 * 480 ,AAC 192 BIT
Best in the league, but its painfully slow. If you want the optimal settings for 5800, I can provide you with the XML preset file.
NOKIA pc suite VIDEO
Not suitable for every file and needs your phone to be connected.

Excellent and I am using this currently. Supports subtitles.

Here is some more , recommended by some websites. All may not be freeware. (I din’t personnaly check it though. If anyone had used any of these, please revert with the speed, clarity and other details)

DoremiSoft Avi to MP4.
Daniusoft Video Converter
Winavi m4 converter.  select iPod ….. Subtitles will be loaded automatically
psp video 9  http://www.pspvideo9.comPSP
smartmovie 4.10  the lag in avi playback is really reduced
4media MP4 Converter
Zune converter,406.40.html
ImTOO MPEG Encoder ultimate
pocket Divxencoder
Format Factory

Some Useful Tips

Video resolution width must not exceed 640 and height must not exceed 360

To make sure that the Aspect ratio is maintained you have to map either the original width to 640 or original height to 360. If both can be mapped then good. but it is possible only with 16:9 aspect ratio videos. Here’s a few eg.
Original Movie Res. Res for 5800XM (Screen size 640×360)
352×240 528×360
512×288 640×360
1280×640 640×320

Birate : 1024 for HD quality, 512 if you want a smaller file size
Framerate : 25 (30 if the original framerate is over 25)

Audio Codec : aac
Bitrate : 128
Channel : 2
Sample rate : 11025}

Note: active diverts

Most of you must have noticed a Note:active diverts in many nokia phones.

My 5800 is also having the same trouble. On investigation, I have found that the trouble is with the voice divert setup on the phone.  I have tried disabling it , but it is not getting disabled. I have called the customer care and asked them to disable the divert.

Just make sure that no diverts are in place and you will be ok.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);