Music quality on nokia 5800 e xpress music

I had a SE phone (W810i) before my 5800. SQ of my w810i (especially in
the bass side) beats the nokia 5800 all the way down to hell.

The stock headphones of 5800 is crap and so I had to buy one inear for my 5800. I brought an ep-630 yesterday.

With the stock headphones, I had to put the volume all the way up 100%,
to hear anything while I am on the road. Now, after I snugly fit the
ep-630, I can hear very loud and clear the sound with just 30%-40%
volume level. If I increase it beyond that, it’s becoming loud enough
to piss me off .

But to say, the ep-630 is having a very boomy bass with my 5800. I dont
know whether this is my trouble or not. I have loaded the same favorite
songs that I used to listen on my w810i and the bass is not that
distinct in my 5800. W810i is way better. This is from my own
experience and not a copy-paste

Overall, quality perception changes with time. I remember the days when
I used to watch videos on VCR and listen with awe, when someone
described their experience with a movie on a CD. Now, we have come a
long way and even Blue-ray discs and HD videos seeems to be not good

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