How to get offline google maps on Nokia 5800

Now . here comes my update after having the mgmaps installed on my nokia 5800.

Here is a tutorial to look into first, if you have not seen that. The curious thing is that I had to go through my own post to see how to do the maps.

I had the jar file installed and I generated the chennai maps once again from scratch with the same steps in the tutorial. This is just to see whether there is any trouble with the generation of the maps as some peopleĀ  had mentioned.

The offline mgmaps is working flawlessly. I am using the latest beta version.

I am yet to test with the GPS and other settings.

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  1. Hello, i followed all the instructions, but i could not see the maps offline, download the map, with lots of subfolders and a catch file, place into the mem card, but could see anything, but if i am connected to internet i could see the map………help

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