NET SEND command for Windows


eg: When I tried and it was giving some errors like below.

An error occurred while sending a message to

The message alias could not be found on the network. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2273.

After a little poking here and there, I found that this is because of a missing windows service “Messenger”. So I went in the control panel and started the service. It seems that this service is disabled on any machine by default.

I am adding here how to access services panel in windows for those who dont know it.

Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Once you have the service running, try sending and you will see that the client machine has got a popup with the details.

Here is the output of the same which I send from the same VLAN.

C:\Documents and Settings\sl004953> net send “can I take this machine for 5 minutes – Mathew”

The message was successfully sent to

Unless some policies are restricting the service being accessed, there should be no trouble in using this messaging service.

All of the above happens by two parts of system. ie to allow you to send/recevie popup messages. They are

Net send command and messenger service.

Footnote: Reason for this post. I say that am not a windows guy to any extend, but someone from the IT team of the company took the effort to call me. I don’t know how he thought that I will be able to solve it. He want to have it checked and so I asked him what is the command and that is where it all started.

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