Netapp filer

Has a concept called filers which is a type of disk storage device which owns and controls

the file system and presents files and directories over a n/w, typically LAN.

No need for block storage – hence no need for Storage Area network with FC protocol.

Netapp now supports iSCSI, FC and FCoE

The filers use NetApp’s proprietary operating system called Data ONTAP which includes code

borrowed from Berkeley Net/2 BSD Unix.

Each Filer has a proprietary NVRAM adapter to log all writes for performance and to play the

data log forward in the event of an unplanned shutdown.

When used for file storage, Data ONTAP acts as an NFS server and/or a CIFS server, serving

files to both Unix-like clients and to Microsoft Windows clients from the same file systems.

WAFL, as a robust versioning filesystem, provides snapshots, which allow end-users to see

earlier versions of files in the file system. Snapshots appear in a hidden directory:

~snapshot for Windows (CIFS) or .snapshot for Unix (NFS).d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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