torrenting on mobile

Most of you must be familiar with torrent downloading. I came across this software called SymTorrents which will allow you to download torrents directly on the mobile. You can use either wifi or the GPRS on the phone… But who want to use gprs!!!

SymTorrent is a full-featured and complete BitTorrent client for Symbian OS. It supports Symbian S60 3rd as well as 5th edition platforms. So that means that we can use it for 5800 also.

You can get the Symtorrent here

Here are some of the drawbacks that you may face in using mobiles for downloading torrents

1) Battery life will go down drastically as the phone needs to be on always. It may last for 3-4 hours
2) It doesn’t seem to work on trackers that accept only a handful of clients
3) The phone can get quite warm over prolonged downloads, and with charging the device simultaneously
4)no support for queuing of torrents

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