3 mistakes of my life

Book: 3 mistakes of my life

Author: Chetan Bhagat

Rating: 4/5

The first thing we feel on reading this book is the very indian touch in the writing style. I liked the plot , but it is similar in some respects to his other books.

The author narrates the story/experience of a Gujarati business man from the  his own(businessman) viewpoint. The  story goes through the communal riots that happened in Gujarat and the life of the businessman running a sports shop.

Overall the story line is typical, but captivating the reader. Its having all the ingradients and I don’t know why Chetan is always mixing some flirting and mature stuff(read sex ;)) into his stories.

I enjoyed the ride with this book and overall I can say that this is a book worth reading. People who are into reading “award”  books may find this book to be a little more tilted to the commercial side.


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