Basic solaris commands cheatsheet

List all services

List all services including service instances that are temporarily disabled

svcs -a
List the process associated with a service

svcs -p <service name>

-bash-3.2$ svcs -p sun-apache22
online May_11 svc:/network/http:sun-apache22
10:33:59 17057 httpd
10:56:00 21257 httpd
May_11 28952 httpd
-bash-3.2$ ps -ef |grep 17057
webservd 17057 28952 0 10:33:59 ? 0:00 /opt/webstack/apache2/2.2/bin/httpd -D 32bit -f /etc/opt/webstack/apache2/2.2/h

SMF Milestones
SMF milestones are services that aggregate multiple service dependencies and describe a specific state of system readiness on which other services can depend. Administrators can see the list of milestones that are defined by using the svcs command, as shown in Listing 6.

# svcs milestone*

Checking for errors

#svcs -xv

Log file for SMF

cd /var/svc/log

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